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We are proud of our customers and that they have chosen us as their change pilots



AIL's thoughts on why there was an emergency

We recognized the importance of being relevant in a world of constant change and renewal. Having been an established company for over 75 years, the company has grown into a stable and reliable organisation. The original vision behind the company necessarily no longer fits with the company's current identity. We therefore thought it important to rediscover our meaning and vision for the future, we want to be a company that embraces new opportunities, is forward-looking and seeks continuous development. A process was needed to identify who we wanted to be, specific challenges related to this, and then possible solutions.

Goal setting

The aim of this process was to get a clear overview of priorities and activities to make sure that the whole organization was working towards common goals. In this process, employees should feel seen and heard, where together we arrived at a shared vision and clear profile for change.


We wanted employees from across the company who covered all the functions we have in AIL. The response was very positive and we received many valuable contributions from all the participants, who also did a great job as change agents outside the company.

Implementation / facilitation

BIRDAI has helped us and drag this process. They could offer a lot of knowledge and guidance. We had 3 workshops, which BIRDAI facilitated, where we gained both professional knowledge and developed ourselves creatively with thoughts and ideas. Everything we managed to get out of our heads, BIRDAI was able to get down on paper, this helped us capture important information and structure it in a good way. They used a value map that had a well-thought-out system to manage to compress all the information, thoughts and ideas we had as a company, into a clear map that shows the way forward towards achieving bigger goals.

The delivery /Result

We have received detailed reports that carefully explain what we have arrived at during the project, and a visual value map that makes it easy for us to see the big picture. As well as follow our progression by completing partial goals, towards a larger goal.

What happens next

Furthermore, we will work with the value map, follow the direction this project has set for us, and build further. The employees are motivated and we are excited for what the future will bring with a new and fresh breath into the company's already solid foundation.

Tore Netland - CEO


Birdai AS was contacted for delivery of Xledger, but after a review of the challenges, Birdai presented SBS365, an ERP solution that eliminates all separate applications for interaction, data capture and communication with craftsmen. Birdai has automated the transfer of data to the Tripletex accounting system.

Birdai's consultants have the necessary professional expertise and experience with accounting to see the customer's challenges and are well qualified to  propose a holistic solution to Master Painter Peder E. Vik.


"In November 2020, the implementation of SBS365 started, already from January 2021 time recording and project management were run entirely in SBS365. Vik believes that the SBS365 implementation, in addition to saving the environment from a lot of paper, provides a saving of up to an entire position in administration."


Nordan Rubicon uses Birdai as a supplier of SBS365. After a joint workshop with a review of business processes and alleged challenges, an implementation plan for SBS365 was drawn up. The purpose of this was to  collect data and achieve better interaction and communication between sales, project management, production and assembly. Keywords are efficiency, accuracy and better earnings.

Birdai AS has also contributed with the introduction of the Xledger financial system, of which the company is also a dealer. They have also developed an integration for the automatic transfer of business-critical data (hours, goods, invoice basis etc.) from SBS365 to the finance and accounting system Xledger. This is also cloud-based and provides access to key data from all available digital surfaces.

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