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Leie eller ansette kompetanse?

Leie eller ansette kompetanse?

Vi hjelper bedrifter med å få løst sine korte og lengre behov.

Utnytt potensialet: SharePoint + SBS365

Utnytt potensialet: SharePoint + SBS365

Få ting gjort uansett hvor du er med SBS365

Digitization does not have to be hard.. 
We help you make the right choices
New insight into your data


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The customer says:

"We have always struggled with the structure of SharePoint. With SBS365, we don't have to think about it at all!" 

"Academically relevant and interesting process!"

"New insight into processes and modern tools gave our employees a new lease of life"


"Understanding what we actually deliver to the market and good discussions focused on what we really needed"


"When the company is going up in the cloud, there is a need for steady pilots"

"Open and good processes gave new insight and opened up new opportunities through a super strategy process"

Strategy collection 2024 2.png

Assistance for Strategy Process - Alf I. Larsen AS
BIRDAI has helped us through this process. They could offer a lot of knowledge and guidance. We had 3 workshops, which BIRDAI facilitated, where we gained both professional knowledge and developed ourselves creatively with thoughts and ideas. Everything we managed to get out of our heads, BIRDAI was able to get down on paper, this helped us capture important information and structure it in a good way. They used a value map that had a well-thought-out system to manage to compress all the information, thoughts and ideas we had as a company, into a clear map that shows the way forward towards achieving bigger goals.

Tore Netland - CEO

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