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Why should I digitize my business?

Digitization is a key to success in today's market.

By digitizing the business, you get:

  • Better control over processes, data and resources

  • Deeper insight into customers' needs, market trends and the company's strengths

  • More time for the core business that creates value and competitive advantage

Digitization makes the company more productive and efficient, and reduces costs and risks. You can automate tasks that would otherwise require manual effort, freeing up time for employees. This time you can invest in developing competence, innovation and growth.


Digitization lifts the company

Digitization gives you more overview and insight. You can easily follow and document what happens in your digital processes. You can also access useful information that can help you improve your business. By using good tools to analyze large amounts of data, you can see how your business works in practice and find out how you can make it more efficient. You don't have to rely on guesswork or intuition.


Many companies find it challenging to adopt new digital solutions. Why do we recommend that companies have a focus and priorities around it?

Digitization is about making digital tools an integrated and crucial part of the company's operation and strategy. It is driven by the major changes in society with the internet as the main force, where information, products and services are available at an enormous and rapid pace, and where customers, partners and authorities make new and higher demands. In addition, it is important to consider that customers' influence has increased through social media and other digital communication.

There are three important areas where digitization can make a big difference:

What can digitization do for your business? Digitization is about using digital tools to improve three important areas of your business:

• Efficiency – doing things in better and more tailored ways (saving time and money)

• Attractiveness – offer modern and high-quality solutions to customers, partners, employees, and attract new expertise

• New opportunities – create new products, services, markets and comprehensive solutions

Together, these three areas will contribute to:

• Greater competitiveness

• Optimized turnover, costs, earnings, margins and value creation

• More stable cash flow and liquidity (more capital available)

• Greater potential for innovation


In addition, it will be easier to meet new requirements for compliance and follow-up:

• Transparency and traceability / openness

• Safety and risk

• Sustainability (social, economic and environmental)

• Privacy (GDPR)

• Adaptations to international requirements and classification.

Our recommendation

Be willing to change how your company works with tasks and administration. For many businesses, this means moving all or part of IT operations and infrastructure to the cloud because cloud-based services are essential for a modern way of working.

Create a plan for digital business development.

A good IT plan provides direction for the company's business development and shows the value of the IT investments. In addition, it strengthens the company's visions and overall strategies.
Focus on technology that provides economic growth. Businesses that adopt new technological solutions and focus on digital transformation achieve many business advantages. Digital transformation helps businesses build the resilience they need to maintain their competitiveness.
Be willing to try out new technological possibilities, and get help from a qualified adviser when the business has to survive in a time full of changes.
Better integration between digital solutions so that you ensure good integrations. This is crucial and contributes to creating value through innovation and modern business development
Connect with partners who can help develop your business. Free up more time to focus on business development and streamline internal operations by handing over parts of the digital operation to a third-party partner.


Pluses and minuses of digitizing the company.

Digitization helps secure your position in the market and increase your company's competitiveness.
Customers, consumers and partners demand more from us now that technological developments make it possible to offer user-friendly, personalized and adapted solutions.
It's about using digital tools in a way that creates new opportunities and more value for your company.
The advantages of digitizing the company are that customers, consumers and partners continue to choose your products and services. It will also help you maintain your position in the market, increase your competitiveness and get more opportunities for innovation and growth.
If the process of digitizing the business is based on a well-thought-out strategy, there are very few disadvantages to digitizing the business.
You start by digitizing your operations by examining what opportunities you have.
We also recommend contacting a strategic IT partner who can help you discover the possibilities and find the best solutions that suit you and your company. Birdai has this expertise and can give you good advice and recommendations.
Please contact us for an informal chat.

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