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Our preferred financial system for those who really want control in an ever-changing market.

Do you want your bank directly connected and a live overview of liquidity? Are you a group with daughters?Trades the company internationally with different currencies? Then the choice is easy and Birdai has highly experienced consultants to set up and implement Xledger. Accounting, payroll, invoicing, finance, liquidity, banking, currency payments, budget, forecast, purchasing, logistics, reporting​ and much, much more are standard functions in the solution.

Get in touch to hear our experiences and how to quickly get started.

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Effective interaction on all surfaces

​Scollaborate effectively in the project across departments and with those who are out in the field.

  • Do you have intuitive and good time management in the project? Is everything invoiced on time?

  • Do you have control over the customer and maintain a professional customer dialogue?

  • How can you be sure that there is a good enough margin in the offer?

  • Are we sure that all activities are quality assured and distributed?

  • How to communicate effectively both internally and externally?

Our modern digital tools will help you in your busyweekday - let smart solutions make a big difference!

We are happy to take you on a journey of possibilities!


Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Virtually everyone uses Microsoft andseveral andseveral moving from own or rented server and intoMicrosoft 365 cloud solutions. Our experience is that it is not as easy to gain control over information and documents alone. Let us help you with set-up and training to simplify and raise the competence and coping skills in the company.

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Technology and platform choice

The solutions are safely placed on the most recognized and secure cloud platforms in the world. Safe and secure solutions are essential if we are to put business-critical solutions and information there. We at Birdai have chosen to trust the biggest and best and would also recommend the same to our customers. Our integration solution is on Amazon Web Services, SBS365 is in Azure, and Xledger has its ownPublic Cloud solution.

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