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Our consultants and advisers have extensive experience from

larger and smaller project deliveries and customer assignments

to many different industries and companies. We know most of themaccounts receivable and have goodbusiness understanding.The technologies we use are well-known and market-leading and we are involved throughout the entire process, from needs to operational solutions and optimized processes.


We go to great lengths to deliver exactly as you like

customer wants it. Do you need a change pilot?

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Økonomisk Rapport

Accounting, payroll and finance

Do you have ongoing control and an overview of the financial development in your company, so that you can make early and good choices based on the numbers? Could you think of someone to talk to about the choices you make for your company, who knows the industry and local market you work in? 

We have expertise and experience from complex deliveries within finance, accounting and payroll on- and offshore. Competence and long practical experience count here


Business solutions

We offer business solutions that can help save both time and resources in your business. Do you have many individual spreadsheets or struggle with many different - and perhaps outdated - systems?

Do you need a modern business system where interaction and insight into the company's processes are standard and which contain intuitive and user-friendly apps that logically help the company to better control and earnings?

We have a solution for you and help with implementation, adaptation, integration and user support as part of the delivery

Utendørs arbeidstid

Consulting and business development

Does your company have clear goals?

Is it easy for the employees to see the connection between daily tasks and goal achievement? 

Correct and insightful advice can be crucial for your business. Birdai helps you develop an optimal strategy and finds your company's competitive advantage. With us as your sparring partner, the discussions will take place on the right level and with the right focus.

read more aboutchange management


Give your employees a boost

Established companies can run the risk of falling behind and becoming very operational at times. It can be perceived as reliable and unexciting by customers and employees. It is also not without risk. Do you need input for activities to awaken the organization from its slumber? Get some creative processes going?

Here are activities that we can facilitate:

  • Idea generation with vtools and methodology

  • Working meetings with value map method and visual models

  • Coaching of management groups

  • Kick-off activities with tasks for employees 

Digitization and modernization of the company

Birdai offers business support and assistance for projects and processes that aim to lift the digital intersection. More and more companies are realizing the importance of adapting and adapting to new technology in order to meet increasing competition and demands for increased efficiency and speed so that competitiveness and profitability are maintained.

Birdai offers services and tools related to operation, restructuring and business development

  • Digitization of the company

  • Business support

  • System knowledge

  • Professional environment economics/IT/compliance

  • Automate processes (AI)

  • Modern tools, safe and robust

  • Assistance functionality/security/privacy


  • Relieve work pressure/rig for growth

  • Adjustment

  • Work process, strategy and flow (target image)

  • Training

  • Support

  • System change

  • ERP/CRM/Risk analysis

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Management for hire

Does your company need management expertise for shorter or longer periods?

Hiring managers can often be a long-lasting process that should not be taken too lightly - and here hiring experienced managers in different fields can be effective and lead to quick results. Birdai's subject specialists have experience from such assignments and have expertise in the areas of business management, technology, economics/finance, project and process management.

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Grow Your Vision

Sometimes there are changes in the company that create to cover a resource gap or supply of a certain type of competence to solve a challenge related to workflow or delivery. Birdai's advisers and consultants have extensive knowledge and experience related to systems and various types of business support for administration and organizational development and sit in professional environments within both economics, accounting and finance, as well as systems and integration / architecture. Have an informal chat with us if you have challenges or want to change, it could be processes, culture or digitizing the company's processes and production from order to delivery.


We have good experience with various types of assistance and have good references to show.


Contact us and hear more about to hear more about how you can get access to our resources and their expertise, when the need arises!

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