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Process improvement and management 

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"Birdai contributes to automating operational operating processes. By adopting modern digital tools, the company achieves better flow and interaction. It provides a better overview and control for increased efficiency and profitability"

It is a well-known fact that systematic process improvement and management (LEAN) ensures the company high quality, good resource utilization and flexibility. 

Our core team has extensive experience in consulting and implementing management tools to increase the efficiency of staff and support functions, as well as optimize business processes. We work with different types of industries and adapt the process to the individual's needs.

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Data & Analysis

"Birdai offers dashboards that provide an overview and control. A snapshot that takes the pulse of your company provides security and certainty that you are managing according to profitable and correct parameters for the growth and development of the company"

Many companies today sit on large amounts of data that can represent a large and unknown value. Data is the "new oil" and can help unlock a new and unknown potential for your company. 

Big data, IoT and machine learning can help businesses create value through increased insight and the use of smarter business systems. 

Birdai helps you unlock the great potential that lies in the use of data - both the company's own data and external data. There is a rapid development of technology today. We help you keep track and make the right and profitable choices.


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