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SBS 365

Birdai has deep expertise in Xledger.

Our specialist has worked with customers, implementations, data cleaning and Xledger projects for many years.

We have integrated Xledger with SBS 365 to get the best of both worlds. Do you also need

  • Currency - customers at home or abroad

  • Group accounts

..then Xledger supports this as a standard function - in addition to much, much more!

Xledger - A safe choice of financial system

Xledger scales in step with the company's needs. You can grow in existing and new markets.Suitable for all companies!

Start a process and the system handles the rest!

Automation brings big gains for the company!

Save money, increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

Xledger meets the strictest requirements for security.
With the financial system Xledger, the company frees up valuable time with the automation and streamlining of tasks within finance and accounting.
Xledger has functionality that makes it easy to work seamlessly across a group as well.

Prepares for tomorrow

If you integrate Xledger with SBS 365, you have a power package that is also sufficient for tomorrow's business life. To simplify tasks such as payroll processing and invoicing, SBS 365 comes fully integrated with the Xledger cloud-based accounting solution.

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